compressor stator

compressor stator
статор компрессора

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  • stator blade — The fixed/variable incidence blade attached to the axial flow compressor stator casing. The first stage of the stators normally is variable incidence, whereas the later stages are fixed. They help direct the airflow at the optimum angle onto the… …   Aviation dictionary

  • compressor stage — i. A pair of stator and rotor rings form one stage of an axial flow compressor. The rotating airfoils increase air velocity, which then changes into pressure in the numerous diverging ducts formed by the stator vanes. ii. Each section of a… …   Aviation dictionary

  • Compressor stall — A compressor stall is a situation of abnormal airflow resulting from a stall of the aerofoils within the compressor of a jet engine. Stall is found in dynamic compressors, particularly axial compressors, as used in jet engines and turbochargers… …   Wikipedia

  • Compressor map — Each compressor (or fan) in a gas turbine engine has an operating map. Complete maps are either based on compressor rig test results or are predicted by a special computer program. Alternatively the map of a similar compressor can be suitably… …   Wikipedia

  • compressor casing — The outer casing surrounding a compressor rotor. In an engine with an axial flow compressor, the stator vanes are mounted in the compressor casing …   Aviation dictionary

  • compressor vane — Stationary blades attached to the stator that direct the airflow onto the compressor blades at the optimum angle. There is a row of compressor vanes before every row of rotor blades …   Aviation dictionary

  • stator casing — The outer engine casing that houses either the compressor or the turbine stator vanes. See casing (ii) …   Aviation dictionary

  • stator — i. Stationary diffuser vanes in an axial flow compressor, which convert the kinetic energy into pressure energy. See stator blade. ii. The stationary part of an electrical machine such as an alternator or a motor. iii. The discs in multiple disc… …   Aviation dictionary

  • stator — /stay teuhr/, n. 1. Elect., Mach. a portion of a machine that remains fixed with respect to rotating parts, esp. the collection of stationary parts in the magnetic circuits of a machine. Cf. rotor (def. 1). 2. Aeron. the system of stationary… …   Universalium

  • stator vanes — The stationary vanes either in a compressor or a turbine …   Aviation dictionary

  • stator — /ˈsteɪtə/ (say staytuh) noun 1. Electricity the fixed part of an electrical machine (motor or generator) which contains the stationary magnetic circuits. 2. Aeronautics the system of fixed radial aerofoils in an axial compressor or turbine. {New… …   Australian English dictionary

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